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Topo Chico

Patio to Plate


The challenge

Organically promote Topo Chico as sustainable and eco-conscious, while increasing engagement with the brand.

The solution

Pairr aggregated the Topo Chico target market's psychographics to understand their consumers' additional interests. Utilizing this information, Pairr created strategic partnerships with Garden-tech company, Gardenuity, and celebrity-chef, Tiffany Derry. The event drove over 2.2M Impressions and engaged attendees for over 41 minutes on how to plant the perfect Taco Topping garden and cook a delicious Taco dish.




Average Engagement


Social Impressions

Attendees enjoyed learning about ways to support local businesses, one attendee said "thanks for the tip on local honey" as Franchesca shared how purchasing honey locally can aid in diminishing allergies and support local hives.
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